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  • A multisensor detector of a sleep apnea for using at home

    Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea usually involves polysomnographic analysis, which unfortunately requires overnight stay in a specialized clinic and is very uncomfortable for a patient. This paper describes the method and apparatus for recording a set of signals to detect sleep apnea. The device records the following signals simultaneously: three-channel ECG, respiratory functions, signals from the accelerometer, and snoring...

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  • Interactions with recognized patients using smart glasses

    - Year 2015

    Recently, different smart glasses solutions have been proposed on the market. The rapid development of this wearable technology has led to several research projects related to applications of smart glasses in healthcare. In this paper we propose a general architecture of the system enabling data integration for the recognized person. In the proposed system smart glasses integrates data obtained for the recognized patient from health...

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  • Color transformation methods for dichromats

    Color blindness is a serious perception problem. Suffering individuals cannot understand messages, which are carrying by many images, especially those, distributed by WWW. In this paper we are proposing three image processing methods to enhance image recognition and understanding by persons with dichromacy. Color difference image is introduced to represent color perception dissimilarity. Two color transformation methods are presented....

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