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Adam Dabrowski has obtained a MSc. degree in mechatronics from Technische Universität Hamburg. He has an industry experience in Institute of Aviation Engineering Design Center (Warsaw, Poland) and SICK AG (Hamburg, Germany). He is currently an assistant at Gdansk University of Technology, where he works on his PhD in engineering and teaches courses on mechanics, space mechanisms and dynamics of space systems as well as coordinating new course of study “Space and satellite technologies”. He is also the head of GSA Astronomical Observatory in Gdansk, where he focuses on astronomy outreach and education on all levels. In 2016, Adam won a grant from Polish Ministry of Development and Ministry of Science and Higher Education programme “Development of space sector personnel” which lead to his cooperation with Blue Dot Solutions, Gdansk space company focusing on satellite data utilization which continues to this day. Team leader of HEDGEHOG REXUS Project, a scientific experiment which was launched to altitude of 82.1 km in March 2019 and GDArms Project, which will recreate rocket launch environment in a centrifuge in September 2019.

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