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Zdjęcie osoby: dr hab. inż. Adam Macierzanka

dr hab. inż. Adam Macierzanka


Associate Professor

Budynek B Wydziału Chemicznego pokój 308a
(58) 347 29 27

Head of Department

Budynek B Wydz. Chemii
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(58) 347 29 27

Publication showcase

  • A standardised static in vitro digestion method suitable for food – an international consensus

    • M. Minekus
    • M. Alminger
    • P. Alvito
    • S. Ballance
    • T. Bohn
    • C. Bourlieu
    • F. Carrière
    • R. Boutrou
    • M. Corredig
    • D. Dupont
    • C. Dufour
    • L. Egger
    • M. Golding
    • S. Karakaya
    • B. Kirkhus
    • S. Le
    • A. Macierzanka
    • A. Mackie
    • S. Marze
    • D. Mcclements
    • O. Ménard
    • I. Recio
    • C. Santos
    • R. Singh
    • G. Vegarud
    • M. Wickham
    • W. Weitschies
    • A. Brodkorb

    - Food & Function - 2014

    Simulated gastro-intestinal digestion is widely employed in many fields of food and nutritional sciences, as conducting human trials are often costly, resource intensive, and ethically disputable. As a consequence, in vitro alternatives that determine endpoints such as the bioaccessibility of nutrients and non-nutrients or the digestibility of macronutrients (e.g. lipids, proteins and carbohydrates) are used for screening and building...

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  • The role of bile salts in digestion


    Bile salts (BS) are bio-surfactants present in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) that play a crucial role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The importance of BS for controlled release and transport of lipid soluble nutrients and drugs has recently stimulated scientific interest in these physiological compounds. BS are so-called facial amphiphiles showing a molecular structure that is very distinct from classical surfactants....

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  • Emulsification alters simulated gastrointestinal proteolysis of β-casein and β-lactoglobulin

    - SOFT MATTER - 2009

    We have studied the effect of the adsorption of milk proteins at the oil-water interface on their digestibility in simulated gastrointestinal environment. The investigations aimed to characterize how both the breakdown of the adsorbed proteins and the interactions with physiological surfactants, phosphatidylcholine (PC) and bile salts (BS), influence structural transformations of model, protein-stabilized food emulsions in the...

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Obtained scientific degrees/titles

  • 2014-12-03

    Obtained science degree

    dr hab. inż. Biotechology (Chemical sciences)
  • 2004-10-13

    Obtained science degree

    dr inż. Chemical technology (Technology)

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