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  • Electronic structure and magnetism of samarium and neodymium adatoms on free-standing graphene

    • A. Kozub
    • A. Shick
    • F. Máca
    • J. Kolorenč
    • A. Lichtenstein

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW B - Year 2016

    The electronic structure of selected rare-earth atoms adsorbed on a free-standing graphene was investigated using methods beyond the conventional density functional theory (DFT+U, DFT +HIA, and DFT+ED). The influence of the electron correlations and the spin-orbit coupling on the magnetic properties has been examined. The DFT+U method predicts both atoms to carry local magnetic moments (spin and orbital) contrary to a nonmagnetic...

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  • Structure and paramagnetism in weakly correlated Y8Co5

    • T. Klimczuk
    • V. A. .. Sidorov
    • A. Szajek
    • M. Werwiński
    • S. A. J. Kimber
    • A. Kozub
    • D. Safarik
    • J. D. Thompson
    • R. J. Cava


    We report the basic physical properties of monoclinic Y8Co5 determined by means of magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistivity, and specific heat measurements. The crystal structure of Y8Co5 is monoclinic (P21/c) with lattice parameters a = 7.0582(6) Å, b = 7.2894(6) Å, c = 24.2234(19) Å, and β = 102.112(6)° as refined by using synchrotron powder x-ray diffraction data. The compound shows temperature independent paramagnetism...

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  • Site-selective magnetic order of neptunium inNp2Ni17

    • A. Hen
    • N. Magnani
    • J. Griveau
    • R. Eloirdi
    • E. Colineau
    • J. Sanchez
    • I. Halevy
    • A. Kozub
    • A. Shick
    • I. Orion
    • R. Caciuffo

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW B - Year 2015

    We present the results obtained by superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometry, specific heat, and Mossbauer spectroscopy measurements carried out on Np2Ni17 polycrystalline samples. We show that long-range magnetic order, with a moment mu((2b)) similar to 2.25 mu(B), occurs below T-N = 17.5 K on the Np (2b) sites. A nontrivial situation is observed in that the other Np sites (2d) do not take part to the order...

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