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  • Visualization of a lifeboat motion during lowering along ship’s side

    This paper presents description of a computer program for motion visualization of a lifeboat lowered along ship’s side. The program is a post-processor which reads results of numerical calculations of simulated objects’ motions. The data is used to create scene composed of 3D surfaces to visualize mutual spatial positions of a lifeboat, ship’s side and water waving surface. Since the numerical data contain description of a simulation...

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  • Searching for Critical Conditions During Lifeboat Launching – Simulations

    The article describes numerical simulations of the process of lifeboat launching at the ship’s side. The research is aimed at finding the values of ship motion parameters which appear to be most dangerous for people in the lowered lifeboat due to the generated accelerations. The simplified model of ship hull motion adopted at this research stage bases on a superposition of harmonic motions with given amplitudes and periods in six...

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  • Vertical motions damping model test of a lifeboat lowered onto a flat sea surface

    The article presents the experiment’s results of the lifeboat model lowered with an initial speed and then released to fall onto a flat water surface. The purpose of the research is to determine the trajectory of the vertical boat motion and describe it with a mathematical model. This is closely related to determining the damping factor since the vertical motion is damped and the lifeboat gets balanced and stops moving after some...

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