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  • Mobile indicators in GIS and GPS positioning accuracy in cities

    The publication describes the possible use of tele-geoprocessing as a synergy of modern IT solutions, telecommunications and GIS algorithms. The paper presents a possibility of urban traffic monitoring with the use of mobile GIS indicators of dedicated monitoring system designed for taxi corporation. The system is based on a stationary and mobile software package. The optimal and minimal assumptions for the monitoring of urban...

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  • Accuracy and Availability of EGNOS - Results of Observations

    According to SBAS concept the user should receive timely the correct information about the system integrity and corrections to the pseudoranges measurements, which leads to better accuracyof coordinates. In theory the whole system is permanently monitored by RIMS stations, so it is impossible to deliver the faulty information to the user. The quality of the system is guaranteed inside the border of the system coverage however in...

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  • The Positioning Accuracy of BAUV Using Fusion of Data from USBL System and Movement Parameters Measurements

    - SENSORS - 2016

    The article presents a study of the accuracy of estimating the position coordinates of BAUV (Biomimetic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) by the extended Kalman filter (EKF) method. The fusion of movement parameters measurements and position coordinates fixes was applied. The movement parameters measurements are carried out by on-board navigation devices, while the position coordinates fixes are done by the USBL (Ultra Short Base...

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  • 2007-11-14

    Obtained science degree

    dr inż. Geodesy and cartography (Technology)
    Akademia Marynarki Wojennej, Wydział Nawigacji i Uzbrojenia Okrętowego

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