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  • Instrument detection and pose estimation with rigid part mixtures model in video-assisted surgeries

    Localizing instrument parts in video-assisted surgeries is an attractive and open computer vision problem. A working algorithm would immediately find applications in computer-aided interventions in the operating theater. Knowing the location of tool parts could help virtually augment visual faculty of surgeons, assess skills of novice surgeons, and increase autonomy of surgical robots. A surgical tool varies in appearance due to...

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  • Global Optimization for Recovery of Clipped Signals Corrupted With Poisson-Gaussian Noise


    We study a variational formulation for reconstructing nonlinearly distorted signals corrupted with a Poisson-Gaussian noise. In this situation, the data fidelity term consists of a sum of a weighted least squares term and a logarithmic one. Both of them are precomposed by a nonlinearity, modelling a clipping effect, which is assumed to be rational. A regularization term, being a piecewise rational approximation of the ℓ0 function...

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  • Spatially variant PSF modeling in confocal macroscopy

    - Year 2018

    The point spread function (PSF) of imaging systems plays an essential role in image reconstruction. In the context of confocal microscopy, optical performance degrades towards the edge of the field of view. In confocal macroscopy, the related artifacts are even stronger, as the field of view is much larger. Because the related PSFs are strongly spatially variant, it is essential to be able to model them with few parameters. The...

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