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Year 2024
Year 2023
  • Antimicrobial and Antiproliferative Coatings for Stents in Veterinary Medicine—State of the Art and Perspectives

    - Materials - Year 2023

    Microbial colonization in veterinary stents poses a significant and concerning issue in veterinary medicine. Over time, these pathogens, particularly bacteria, can colonize the stent surfaces, leading to various complications. Two weeks following the stent insertion procedure, the colonization becomes observable, with the aggressiveness of bacterial growth directly correlating with the duration of stent placement. Such microbial...

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  • Graphene Production and Biomedical Applications: A Review

    Graphene is a two-dimensional nanomaterial composed of carbon atoms with sp2 hybrid orbitals. Both graphene and graphene-based composite have gained broad interest among researchers because of their outstanding physiochemical, mechanical, and biological properties. Graphene production techniques are divided into top-down and bottom-up synthesis methods, of which chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is the most popular. The biomedical...

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  • Preparation and Characterization of Diamond-like Carbon Coatings for Biomedical Applications—A Review

    Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films are generally used in biomedical applications, mainly because of their tribological and chemical properties that prevent the release of substrate ions, extend the life cycle of the material, and promote cell growth. The unique properties of the coating depend on the ratio of the sp3/sp2 phases, where the sp2 phase provides coatings with a low coefficient of friction and good electrical conductivity,...

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  • Stenty naczyniowe – problematyka i biomateriały

    - Year 2023

    Angioplastyka z opcjonalną implantacją stentu odgrywa ważną rolę w leczeniu chorób układu sercowo-naczyniowego w przebiegu miażdżycy. Obecnie na rynku można znaleźć implanty naczyniowe z różnych materiałów, pomimo tego nadal prowadzone są badania nad nowymi technologiami zapewniającymi lepsze własności mechaniczne, fizykochemiczne i biologiczne powłokom, a także usprawniającymi sposoby uwalniania leków. Stenty uwalniające leki...

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  • Therapeutic biomaterials - application in neurology and cardiology

    Biomaterials are of interest in most medical fields. It's hard to imagine life without them. And due to the ever-increasing demand, scientists are developing new materials. Diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems are still a big problem, which are associated with a limited ability to regenerate brain or heart tissues. Therefore, this review discusses the advancement in biomaterial engineering for the treatment of neurological...

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  • Vascular stents - materials and manufacturing technologies

    The objective of this article is to present materials and technology for the manufacture of vascular stents with appropriate design requirements. The use of the right material is very important in implantology. A biomaterial introduced into the circulatory system must be biocompatible and hemocompatible. At the same time, it should not initiate toxic, mutagenic, or immunological reactions. Currently, 316L stainless steel (316L...

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