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4or-a quarterly journal of operations research

SHERPA RoMEO status:

Green Help
author's version of the article before the review
author's version of the article after the review

Status table SHERPA RoMEO

Status table SHERPA RoMEO
RoMEO color Archiving policy
Green can archive pre-prints and post-prints or a version of the publisher
Blue can archive post-prints
Yellow can archive pre-prints
White can not archive any materials
Gray unknown

ISSN: 1619-4500

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Gdańsk University of Technology

MNiSW Points

MNiSW Points
List Year Points
A 2017 25
A 2016 25
A 2015 20
A 2014 25
A 2013 25
A 2011 15

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