Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics

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  • Local buckling of composite channel columns

    The investigation concerns local buckling of compressed flanges of axially compressed composite channel columns. Cooperation of the member flange and web is taken into account here. The buckling mode of the member flange is defined by rotation angle a flange about the line of its connection with the web. The channel column under investigation is made of unidirectional fibre-reinforced laminate. Two approaches to member orthotropic...

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  • Pantographic metamaterials: an example of mathematically driven design and of its technological challenges
    • F. Dell'Isola
    • P. Seppecher
    • J. Alibert
    • T. Lekszycki
    • G. Roman
    • M. Pawlikowski
    • D. Steigmann
    • I. Giorgio
    • U. Andreaus
    • E. Turco
    • M. Gołaszewski
    • N. Rizzi
    • C. Boutin
    • V. Eremeev
    • A. Misra
    • L. Placidi
    • E. Barchiesi
    • L. Greco
    • M. Cuomo
    • A. Antonio
    • A. Della Corte
    • A. Battista
    • D. Scerrato
    • I. Eremeeva
    • Y. Rahali
    • J. Ganghoffer
    • W. Müller
    • G. Ganzosch
    • M. Spagnuolo
    • A. Pfaff
    • K. Barcz
    • K. Hoschke
    • J. Neggers
    • F. Hild


    In this paper, we account for the research efforts that have been started, for some among us, already since 2003, and aimed to the design of a class of exotic architectured, optimized (meta) materials. At the first stage of these efforts, as it often happens, the research was based on the results of mathematical investigations. The problem to be solved was stated as follows: determine the material (micro)structure governed by those...

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  • Selected local stability problems of channel section flanges made of aluminium alloys

    The paper addresses the issue of local buckling of compressed flanges of cold-formed thin-walled channel columns and beams with nonstandard flanges composed of aluminium alloys. The material behaviour follows the Ramberg–Osgood law. It should be noted that the proposed solution may be also applied for other materials, for example: stainless steel, carbon steel. The paper is motivated by an increasing interest in nonstandard cold-formed...

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  • Virtual spring damper method for nonholonomic robotic swarm self-organization and leader following


    In this paper, we demonstrate a method for self-organization and leader following of nonholonomic robotic swarm based on spring damper mesh. By self-organization of swarm robots we mean the emergence of order in a swarm as the result of interactions among the single robots. In other words the self-organization of swarm robots mimics some natural behavior of social animals like ants among others. The dynamics of two-wheel robot...

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