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Gdańsk University of Technology

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  • Abandoned heritage – the first European airports

    Due to the development of air transport and urban expansion, the locations of pre-war airports were often changed. The question of the fate of the abandoned airports and their entire infrastructure arose. This article looks at the issue of derelict, pre-war airfields. Examples of airports which were successfully adapted as well as the ones which were abandoned and closed yet but equally important in historical context are shown....

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  • The difficult heritage. The reuse of former prison buildings

    In recent years, there has been a trend to reuse abandoned buildings. Adaptive re-use allows preservation of the original structure and implements a new function to it. Such activity could help to preserve the historic value of buildings; moreover, many other advantages can be found in educational, ecological and economic fields. However, the question arises of whether every object can be freely adapted. This article examines the...

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  • Parametryczny model jako zapis przestrzeni architektonicznej

    Współcześnie coraz więcej pola w domenie architektury zagarniają technologie informatyczne, które umożliwiły między innymi wypracowanie nowych metod zapisu przestrzeni architektonicznej. Mowa tu o technikach wykorzystujących modelowanie parametryczne i programowanie do poszukiwania rozwiązań formalnych wyrażających i uwzględniających czynniki i procesy kontekstowe. Celem opracowania jest wskazanie korzyści , ograniczeń i perspektyw...


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