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Open Research Data Repository

The data repository allows for the collecting and sharing of research data from various disciplines and in various formats, providing not only storage but also indexing and citation (DOI identifier for each collection), which has a positive effect on their dissemination and promotion.

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Open Science Competence Centre at the Library of the Gdańsk University of Technology

The Competence Centre's task is to support researchers in all activities related to "opening science", including organising training courses, consultations and preparation of auxiliary materials. One of the main tasks of the Centre is also to support scientists and research teams in the preparation of Data Management Plans for the needs of project applications and to help in depositing data in the repository.

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Analysis of research data on a supercomputer

Data analysis is performed on the Tryton supercomputer (over 38 thousand cores - 1.5 PFLOPS of computing power) using Big Data software with the possibility of using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and the results of the analysis are stored in an object-oriented data store from where they can be presented on the website, created as part of the Bridge of Data project.

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Information Society Services – Digital Pathology

An innovative solution, implemented as part of the Bridge of Data project, is an IT service: a digital pathology. It allows for the use of research data by various social groups, including schools, hobbyists or science enthusiasts, enabling the use of accumulated imaging of human tissues, among other things in teaching and implementing scientific passions and developing citizen science.

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Support for researchers and libraries

The policy database of Polish scientific journals, a tool for organising scientific conferences, and a platform for open journals are additional tools made available as part of the project aimed at facilitating, both for scientists themselves and for specialists who support them, e.g. in libraries, all activities and initiatives related to opening science (e.g. depositing articles in repositories, publishing Open Access journals).

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Bridge of Data. Multidisciplinary Open Knowledge Transfer System’ project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Digital Poland 2014-2020

European Funds logotype. On a navy blue background, three yellow, white and red stars are partially visible, next to it the inscription European Funds Digital Poland. The Republic of Poland. Next to it, there is a flag composed of two horizontal stripes: white and red Logotyp Bridge of Data Logotype of the European Regional Development Fund. On the left-hand side, the inscription European Union European Regional Development Fund. On the right, the flag of the European Union: 12 yellow stars forming a circle on a navy blue background