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  • Accurate rolling resistance Rolling resistance measurements can be influenced by a number of factors

    Tire rolling resistance is one of the most difficult-to-measure parameters of the tire/ pavement interface, especially if road measurements are required. First of all, it is necessary to measure a fairly small force in the system that is heavily loaded by other forces and subjected to many adverse effects causing measurement errors. The second problem is related to the fact that tire rolling resistance depends on many factors,...

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  • Location of ship rolling axis.


    - 2004

    Podano definicję osi kołysań statku i metodę określania jej położenia. Położenie osi zależy nie tylko od rozkładu mas statku ale równiez od tzw. ''mas towarzyszących'', które są reprezentacją sił hydrodynamicznych działających na statek w czasie kołysania. Podano proste formuły pozwalajace obliczyć poprawne położenie osi kołysań statku.


    Temperature is a very important factor controlling rolling resistance of road vehicle tyres. There are at least three different temperatures that may be considered as important factors controlling thermal conditions of the rolling tyre. The most common measure of the thermal conditions during tyre rolling is ambient air temperature. The other two are: pavement temperature and “tyre” temperature. Tyre temperature is the most difficult...

  • Final report on noise and rolling resistance

    Work Package 6 deals with environmental impacts of PERS use, including noise and rolling resistance. This report covers preliminary noise tests performed in the laboratory and at the road test sites. The obtained results indicate that PERS material reduce noise considerably - up to 12 dB in comparison to SMA16 reference surface. Noise reduction properties are especially visible in the case of factory produced PERS slabs supplied...

  • Methods of Tire Rolling Resistance Measurements


    Tire rolling resistance is one of the factors related to tire/road interaction that has important influence on road vehicles performance. Raising fuel price and increased concern related to the environmental changes result in growing interest in reduction of tire rolling resistance that influences fuel consumption, especially in free-flowing highway traffic with moderate speeds. There are several methods of tire rolling resistance measurements....