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Aktywne wzmocnienie elementów konstrukcji metalowej



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P.408888 16-07-2014
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The technology entails the placement around a damaged vertical element of two reinforcing elements pivotally mounted on both sides to angle braces which in turn are pivotally mounted to ‘retaining blocks’ rigidly fixed to the undamaged structure elements. Reinforcement elements are clasped together with at least two tie rods mounted perpendicularly to the structural element which requires reinforcement. The tie rods are equipped with turnbuckles. The tightening of the turnbuckles results in reducing the distance between the reinforcing elements, which has a spreading effect between the fixing system points.

Application and audience

  • Strain relief of damaged steel or concrete structure elements
  • Taking the full load from the structure elements, e.g. to replace such element.


Construction and renovation companies

Innovative aspects and main features

  • The reinforcement actively distributes the load (taking over the part of existing load, not only upon its increase);
  • Possibility to adjust the values of loads distributed between the existing elements and additional reinforcing element;
  • There is no need to take over the load of the damaged element during assembly of the active reinforcement;
  • The production technology supports the adjustment of the invention to nearly all geometrical shapes of elements which require reinforcement.

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