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Assistant Professor

Budynek B Wydziału Chemicznego pokój 105
(58) 348 60 78

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  • Inhibitors of amino acids biosynthesis as antifungal agents

    Fungal microorganisms, including the human pathogenic yeast and filamentous fungi, are able to synthesize all proteinogenic amino acids, including nine that are essential for humans. A number of enzymes catalyzing particular steps of human-essential amino acid biosynthesis are fungi specific. Numerous studies have shown that auxotrophic mutants of human pathogenic fungi impaired in biosynthesis of particular amino acids exhibit...

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  • Phenotypic consequences of LYS4 gene disruption in Candida albicans

    - YEAST - 2014

    A BLAST search of the Candida Genome Database with the Saccharomyces cerevisiae LYS4 sequence known to encode homoaconitase (HA) revealed ORFs 19.3846 and 19.11327. Both alleles of the LYS4 gene were sequentially disrupted in Candida albicans BWP17 cells using PCR-based methodology. The null lys4Δ mutant exhibited lysine auxotrophy in minimal medium but was able to grow in the presence of L-Lys and α-aminoadipate, an intermediate...

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  • Versatility of putative aromatic aminotransferases from Candida albicans.

    Amino acids constitute the key sources of nitrogen for growth of Candida albicans. In order to survive inside the host in different and rapidly changing environments, this fungus must be able to adapt via its expression of genes for amino acid metabolism. We analysed the ARO8, ARO9, YER152C, and BNA3 genes with regards to their role in the nutritional flexibility of C. albicans. CaAro8p is undoubtedly the most versatile enzyme...

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Obtained scientific degrees/titles

  • 2018-12-04

    Obtained science degree

    dr hab. inż. Chemical sciences (Exact and Natural Sciences )
  • 2005-06-21

    Obtained science degree

    dr inż. Chemistry (Chemical sciences)

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