Jacek Ryl - Biographical note - MOST Wiedzy



I have obtained my PhD in chemical technology in 2010. In the same year I was employeed at Department of Electrochemistry, Corrosion and Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Chemistry. In 2018 I received habilitation at Faculty of Chemistry GUT in technical sciences in discipline chemical technology. I was principal investigator of 3 national scientific grants, am author of over 60 articles indexed in JCR Journals. 

In my scientific work I am primarily focused on studies related with functional materials corrosion and degradation with emphasis on impedance spectroscopy studies of non-stationady electrode processes. I am specialized in physic-chemical surface characterization, SEM/EDX, XPS, AES, ellipsometry and others. I am open for cooperation so please do not hestitate to contact me if you think we might find common grounds.

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