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Budynek Wydziału Inżynierii Mechanicznej i Okrętownictwa (dawny WM)
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  • Dissimilar underwater wet welding of HSLA steels

    The high-strength low-alloy S460ML and S460N steels were chosen for underwater wet welding of dissimilar T-joints using covered electrodes. For improving the quality of joints, the temper bead welding (TBW) method was used. The application of TBW in pad welding conditions has been investigated earlier but the possibility of usage of this technique in welded joints was not analyzed. The main aim of the study was to check the influence...

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  • Advantages of the Application of the Temper Bead Welding Technique During Wet Welding

    Thermo-mechanically rolled S460ML steel was chosen for welding in underwater wet welding conditions by covered electrodes. The main aim of this study was to check the weldability for fillet welds in a water environment by controlled thermal severity (CTS) tests and to check the influence of temper bead welding (TBW) on the weldability of the investigated steel. Non-destructive and destructive tests showed that S460ML steel has...

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  • Role of bead sequence in underwater welding

    This paper presents examinations of the role of the bead sequence in underwater welding. Two specimens of wet welded layers made by covered electrodes with the use of normalized S355G10+N steel were welded by a reasonable bead sequence. For each specimen, metallographic macro- and micro-scopic tests were done. Then, Vickers HV10 hardness measurements were conducted for each pad weld in the welded layer. The results show that welding...

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