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  • Positron binding to alkali-metal hydrides: The role of molecular vibrations

    • F. Gianturco
    • J. Franz
    • R. Buenker
    • H. Liebermann
    • L. Pichl
    • J. Rost
    • M. Tachikawa
    • M. Kimura

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - Year 2006

    The bound vibrational levels for J=0 have been computed for the series of alkali-metal hydride molecules from LiH to RbH, including NaH and KH. For all four molecules the corresponding potential-energy curves have been obtained for each isolated species and for its positron-bound complex (e+XH). It is found that the calculated positron affinity values strongly depend on the molecular vibrational state for which they are obtained...

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  • Multi-state vibronic interactions in the fluorobenzene radical cation: The importance of quadratic coupling terms

    • E. Gindensperger
    • I. Bâldea
    • J. Franz
    • H. Köppel

    - CHEMICAL PHYSICS - Year 2007

    The multi-mode multi-state vibronic interactions in the set of X^2B_1 - D^2A_1 electronic states of the monofluoro benzene radical cation are investigated theoretically, based on a quadratic vibronic coupling approach. The underlying ionization potentials and coupling constants are obtained from ab initio coupled-cluster calculations. Previous investigations (relying on the linear coupling approach) are extended by including all...

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  • Low-energy positron collisions with water: elastic and rotationally inelastic scattering

    • K. Baluja
    • R. Zhang
    • J. Franz
    • J. Tennyson


    Differential, integral and momentum transfer cross sections for the vibrationally elastic and rotationally inelastic scattering of positrons from water at low collision energy (E ≤ 10 eV) are reported. Several models within the R-matrix method are used to compute the body-fixed T-matrices, while the scattering calculations are performed within the fixed-nuclei approximation corrected with the standard Born-closure formula. These...

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