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In year 2002 after obtaining master's degree in construction was employed on Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. In 2004 obtained master's degree in architecture on Faculty of Architecture focusing on a research outpost on Mars. Defended PhD in year 2007 in the field of numerical modeling. In 2013 obtained Licentiate degree in theoretical physics on University of Gdańsk. In year 2014 obtained habilitation in technical sciences, discipline civil engineering. In 2015 obtained master's degree in quantum physics. In year 2023 defended a second PhD thesis focusing on numerical methods in quantum dynamics. His computational framework YADE as of year 2023 was used in 28 PhD theses and 90 papers written by various authors. Cooperates with universities in France, Great Britain, Austria, USA, Ukraine, Russia. Has written 43 publications in highly ranked journals (IH=16) and 2 books. As of year 2023 obtained 1235 citations without auto citations. Obtained prizes from Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2010-2013) awarded for 32 best scientists in Poland, and FNP Start prize (2008, 2009). In years 2011-2014 a member of commission awarding FNP prizes. Since 2018 employed at Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics.


Research Interests

  • Loop Quantum Gravity
  • Dynamics in Quantum Systems
  • Dynamics in Classical Sytems
  • Dynamics in Quantum Field Theory
  • Dynamics in General Relativity



YADE - Open Source Numerical Modelling

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