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  • Using Fast Frequency Hopping Technique to Improve Reliability of Underwater Communication System

    Acoustic underwater communication systems designed to work reliably in shallow coastal waters must overcome major limitations such as multipath propagation and the Doppler effect. These restrictions are the reason for the complexity of receivers being built, whose task is to decode a symbol on the basis of the received signal. Additional complications are caused by the low propagation speed of the acoustic wave in the water and...

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  • Underwater Acoustic Communications in Time-Varying Dispersive Channels

    Underwater acoustic communication (UAC) system designers tend to transmit as much information as possible, per unit of time, at as low as possible error rate. However, the bit rate achieved in UAC systems is much lower than for wire or radio-communication systems. This is due to disadvantageous properties of the UAC channels, namely the sea and inland waters. Estimation of UAC channel transmission properties is possible within...

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  • Shallow Water Experiment of OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communications

    The large variability of communication properties of underwater acoustic channels, and especially the strongly varying instantaneous conditions in shallow waters, is a challenge for the designers of underwater acoustic communication (UAC) systems. The use of phase modulated signals does not allow reliable data transmission through such a tough communication channel. However, orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), being...

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