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  • Modeling of Common Mode Currents Induced by Motor Cable in Converter Fed AC Motor Drives

    - 2011

    Investigation of conducted EMI generation in AC motor fed by pulse width modulated frequency converters requires to consider parasitic capacitances in converters, motor windings and feeding cables to be taken into account. Motor voltage transients and related common mode currents are significantly correlated with resonance effects occurring in load circuits. An analysis of frequency converter load impedance-frequency characteristics...

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  • Voltage Harmonic Distortion Measurement Issue in Smart-Grid Distribution System

    - 2012

    This paper presents the investigation results ofvoltage harmonic transfer accuracy problems through voltagetransformers which are widely used in power quality monitoringsystems in medium and high voltage grids. A simplified lumpedparameters circuit model of the voltage transformer is presentedand verified by simulation and experimental investigations. Anumber voltage transformers typically used in medium voltagegrid has been tested...

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  • Low Frequency Conducted Emissions of Grid Connected Static Converters

    Pulse-width modulated rectifiers are nowadays commonly used for AC to DC power conversion. PWM rectification technology is very effective and allows for bidirectional power flow with the possibility of power factor improvement and low-order harmonic emission limitation. Unfortunately, employed PWM boost topology results with generation of input current harmonic distortions in a frequency range tightly correlated to modulation frequency....

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