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Senior Lecturer

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Vice-Dean for Cooperation and Advancement

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  • How to teach architecture? – Remarks on the edge of Polish transformation processes after 1989

    The political changes in Poland after 1989 have resulted in a whole range of dynamic processes including the transformation of space. Until that time the established institutional framework for spatial, urban and architectural planning policy was based on uniform provisions of the so-called planned economy. The same applied to the training of architects, which was based on a unified profile of education provided at the state’s...

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  • Building culture written into the landscape – how to read spatial tradition

    - 2016

    The article presents a discussion on the experimenting with material leading to practical so-lutions in building structure in the context of the tradition of the place. It sketches out the practical aspects of creation of space while working with different local materials during the intensive workshops within the Structures in Building Culture IP programme. This kind of unique possibility to practice raw materials gives also the...

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  • Light City Sound / Sound Space / Light City Sound Series of 3 Block Elective Seminars as a workshops

    - 2018

    The series of the block courses are the elective seminars and were realized in the form of workshops based on additional forms of education (student exchange programmes, international winter schools, joint courses, distance learning and lifelong learning).The course was designed to explore the topic of multi-layered and multi-sensory reception of public spaces and the consequences of such acceptance to build more complete design...

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Obtained scientific degrees/titles

  • 2007-07-04

    Obtained science degree

    dr inż. arch. Architecture and urban sciences (Technology)

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