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  • Geotechnical characterization of soft soil deposits in Northern Poland

    This paper presents a geotechnical characterization of deltaic soft soil deposits in the Vistula Marshlands, northern Poland. It shows the limited applicability of organic soil classifications based on Cone Penetration Tests (CPTU) and Dilatometer Tests (DMT). None of the in-situ-based classifications correctly identifies peat. Analysis of the behaviour of contractive/dilative soil layers according to Robertson's updated classification...

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  • Shaft friction from the DMT and direct shear interface tests

    The article presents preliminary attempt to create tri-linear transfer curves for describing pile behaviour under axial loading. Transfer curves would use the parameter measured in dilatometer test, particularly a constrained modulus MDMT. The proposed method is based on concrete rough and smooth interface tests performed in a direct shear apparatus. Based on the obtained mobilization curves, relationships were created between...

  • Effective Friction Angle Of Deltaic Soils In The Vistula Marshlands

    This article presents the results of laboratory tests on soft, normally consolidated soils from the Vistula Marshlands. Samples of high-plasticity organic soils (muds) taken from 3.2–4.0 m and 9.5–10.0 m depth, as well as peat deposit at 14.0 m, are analysed. Presented case study confirms the applicability of the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) method based on Cone Penetration Tests (CPTU) and allows for a conservative...

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