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  • Radar Signal Parameters Estimation Using Phase Accelerogram in the Time-Frequency Domain

    Radar signal parameter estimation, in the context of the reconstruction of the received signal in a passive radar utilizing other radars as a source of illumination, is one of the fundamental steps in the signal processing chain in such a device. The task is also a crucial one in electronic reconnaissance systems, e.g. ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) systems. In order to obtain accurate results it is important to measure, estimate...

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  • Estimation of time-frequency complex phase-based speech attributes using narrow band filter banks

    - 2017

    In this paper, we present nonlinear estimators of nonstationary and multicomponent signal attributes (parameters, properties) which are instantaneous frequency, spectral (or group) delay, and chirp-rate (also known as instantaneous frequency slope). We estimate all of these distributions in the time-frequency domain using both finite and infinite impulse response (FIR and IIR) narrow band filers for speech analysis. Then, we present...

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  • Sonar Pulse Detection Using Chirp Rate Estimation and CFAR Algorithms

    This paper presents a new approach to sonar pulse detection. The method uses chirp rate estimators and algorithms for the adaptive threshold, commonly used in radiolocation. The proposed approach allows detection of pulses of unknown parameters, which may be used in passive hydrolocation or jamming detection in underwater communication. Such an analysis is possible thanks to a new kind of imaging, which presents signal energy in...

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