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  • A hyperelastic model for soils with stress-induced and inherent anisotropy

    In this paper, modelling of the superposition of stress-induced and inherent anisotropy of soil small strain stiffness is8presented in the framework of hyperelasticity. A simple hyperelastic model, capable of reproducing variable stress-induced9anisotropy of stiffness, is extended by replacement of the stress invariant with mixed stress–microstructure invariant to10introduce constant inherent cross-anisotropic component. A convenient...

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  • Modelling the time-dependent behaviour of soft soils

    Time-dependence of soft soils has already been thoroughly investigated. The knowledge on creep and relaxation phenomena is generally available in the literature. However, it is still rarely applied in practice. Regarding the organic soils, geotechnical engineers mostly base their calculations on the simple assumptions. Yet, as presented within this paper, the rate-dependent behaviour of soft soils is a very special and important...

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