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  • Youth civic participation in the south Baltic region. Example of Lithuania, Poland and Sweden

    - 2020

    International projects, particularly those co-financed by the European Union, have an important role to play in promoting young people’s civic participation. They allow the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as the creation of new solutions to problems and their implementation at the grassroots level. This was the role of the South Baltic Youth Core Groups Network (SB YCGN) project implemented in the framework of the...


    После получения независимости в начале 90-х годов XX в. Республика Азербайджан подписала более пятидесяти договоров с международными организациями. В 1991 г. государство установило контакты с Европейским союзом в ходе реализации проектов в рамках программы TACIS, предназначенной для стран СНГ. Экономические контакты между партнерами активизировались, благодаря подписанию и вступлению в силу в 1999 г. Соглашения о партнерстве и...

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  • Ukraine’s Energy Security in Strategies

    During the independence period, the Ukrainian government has published two energy security strategies. The first strategy was adopted in 2006 and the second one in 2016. Both documents provided a similar definition of energy security. The aims of the first strategy, covering the period 2006–2030, were the restructuring of the fuel and energy complex using new technologies, increase of energy efficiency and ensuring market prices...

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