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  • Poloxamer: A versatile tri-block copolymer for biomedical applications

    • P. Zarrintaj
    • J. D. Ramsey
    • A. Samadi
    • Z. Atoufi
    • M. K. Yazdi
    • M. Ganjali
    • L. M. Amirabad
    • E. Zangene
    • M. Farokhi
    • K. Formela... and 3 others

    - Acta Biomaterialia - Year 2020

    Poloxamers, also called Pluronic, belong to a unique class of synthetic tri-block copolymers containing central hydrophobic chains of poly(propylene oxide) sandwiched between two hydrophilic chains of poly(ethylene oxide). Some chemical characteristics of poloxamers such as temperature-dependent self-assembly and thermo-reversible behavior along with biocompatibility and physiochemical properties make poloxamer-based biomaterials...

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  • Potential applications of crude glycerol in polymer technology–Current state and perspectives

    The increasing use of bio-based fuels and fuel additives, among them biodiesel, causes significant surplus of crude glycerol on the market which creates new challenges in terms of its sustainable utilization. A lot of ways for the incorporation of this by-product into different branches of industry requires purification by expensive and complicated processes. Therefore, researchers are seeking for applications of untreated crude...

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  • Metal-Organic Framework (MOF)/Epoxy Coatings: A Review

    • F. Seidi
    • M. Jouyandeh
    • M. Taghizadeh
    • A. Taghizadeh
    • H. Vahabi
    • S. Habibzadeh
    • K. Formela
    • M. Saeb

    - Materials - Year 2020

    Epoxy coatings are developing fast in order to meet the requirements of advanced materials and systems. Progress in nanomaterial science and technology has opened a new era of engineering for tailoring the bulk and surface properties of organic coatings, e.g., adhesion to the substrate, anti-corrosion, mechanical, flame-retardant, and self-healing characteristics. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), a subclass of coordinative polymers...

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