Krzysztof Jan Kaliński - Biographical note - MOST Wiedzy



Krzysztof J. Kaliński completed his MSc study at Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) Faculty of Production Engineering (1980, result – get a first). He obtained PhD at GUT Faculty of Machine Building (1988, result – get a first), DSc at GUT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ME) (2002, result – get a first), and professor’s title – w 2013 r. In 2015 r. he became full professor.
His research area includes: theoretical and applied mechanics, machine dynamics, vibration engineering, dynamics of machine tools and production processes, robotics and automation, finite element methods, theoretical and experimental modal analysis, mechatronics, biomechanics of a mandible. In 2003 he created in GUT the research team of dynamic processes surveillance, subsequently renamed as Group of Mechatronics (in 2010) which is to date under his supervision. He performed 17 domestic research and development projects (among them, 6 as organiser and supervisor), 6 international projects (2 as supervisor and coordinator) and 5 structural funds’ projects (4 as coordinator and the head). He creatively contributed the launch of field of study Mechatronics I-st level (2007) and II-nd level (2010).
Prof. Kaliński’s scientific achievements count 382 positions, including 224 publications and 152 unpublished works, 5 patents and patent applications, and 1 exclusive work. Among publications are 3 books, 46 chapters in books of international range, 21 chapters in books of domestic range, 27 scientific papers in reviewed international magazines (including 12 in the JCR journals), 12 scientific papers in English language in reviewed domestic magazines, 20 scientific papers in domestic magazines, 5 editions of scientific publications, 38 papers in reviewed international publications, 22 papers in reviewed domestic publications, 30 other publications. Among unpublished works are 28project elaborations and 29 computer programmes. He promoted 5 PhD holders (2007– result: get a first, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012), among them 1 is DSc.
Despite 35-years’ scientific and teaching activity in GUT, he has a rich professional experience in scope of academic competences (e.g.  Basrah University, Iraq – lecturer, 12 months, London University, UK – visitor, 2 months, Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Metz, France – professor visiting 3´1 month, High School of Informatics and Management in Olsztyn – professor, 2012-2015) and engineering ones (e.g. MOSTOSTAL Gdańsk – 13 months, Northern Shipyard in Gdańsk – 6 months, FUO (PPU) TECHMET Ltd. In Pruszcz Gd. – altogether 17months, vMACH Engineering GmbH Germany, 2 years). 

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