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Gmach Elektroniki Telekomunikacji i Informatyki pokój 143 EA
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  • QoS/QoE in the Heterogeneous Internet of Things (IoT)

    - 2017

    Applications provided in the Internet of Things can generally be divided into three categories: audio, video and data. This has given rise to the popular term Triple Play Services. The most important audio applications are VoIP and audio streaming. The most notable video applications are VToIP, IPTV, and video streaming, and the service WWW is the most prominent example of data-type services. This chapter elaborates on the most...

  • New approach for determining the QoS of MP3-coded voice signals in IP networks

    Present-day IP transport platforms being what they are, it will never be possible to rule out conflicts between the available services. The logical consequence of this assertion is the inevitable conclusion that the quality of service (QoS) must always be quantifiable no matter what. This paper focuses on one method to determine QoS. It defines an innovative, simple model that can evaluate the QoS of MP3-coded voice data transported...

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  • More Just Measure of Fairness for Sharing Network Resources

    - 2016

    A more just measure of resource distribution in computer networks is proposed. Classic functions evaluate fairness only “on average”. The proposed new fairness score function ensures that no node is left without resources while on average everything looks good. It is compared with well-known and widely adopted function proposed by Jain, Chiu and Hawe and another one recently proposed fairness function by Chen and Zhang. The function...

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