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  • Acoustic journal bearing - A search for adequate configuration

    Classical non-contact bearings are already used in a number of specialist applications but there are somespecialist areas where they cannot be used for variety of reasons and acoustic sliding bearings could be an alternative. The paper presents the quest for a configuration of an acoustic journal bearing and shows that the overall shape of the bearing and its geometry are of a vital importance for the load capacity oft he bearing....

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  • Acoustic journal bearing – Performance under various load and speed conditions speed conditions

    The paper presents results of experimental testing aiming at finding out what effect system of piezo-electric actuators (PZTs)attached to an aerodynamic journal bearing has on the magnitude of shaft's motion within the bearing operating at specified speed and load. The results clearly demonstrate effectiveness of PZTs in mitigating the shaft's motion thus contributing to the increased stability of the bearing. This stabilizing...

  • Heat and mass transfer in air-fed pressurised suits

    • K. Tesch
    • T. Karayiannis
    • M. Collins
    • M. Atherton
    • P. Edwards


    Opisano konieczność modelowania transportu masy i ciepła w kombinezonach ochronnych. Omówiono różne sposoby modelowania wymiany ciepła, łącznie ze sprzężoną wymianą ciepła. Uwzględniono również ludzki metabolizm i turbulentne mechanizmy wymiany masy i ciepła. Publikacja opisuje również sposób modelowanie turbulentnych przepływów wieloskładnikowych. Pokazano również porównanie obliczeń z eksperymentem.

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