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Zdjęcie osoby: dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Żółtowski

dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Żółtowski


Associate Professor

Budynek " Żelbet" pokój 213 A
(58) 347 18 40

Head of Department

Budynek Wydz. Bud. Lad.
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(58) 347 14 38

Publication showcase

  • Moment resistance of I-section end-plate roof girder splices; a case study

    This article deals with the problem of determining the resistance of end-plate connections. A nonlinear FEM model of the joint was constructed in order to predict its carrying capacity. A standard code procedure was done as well. The analyses have been done to assess atypical end-plate joints designed and constructed as a part of roof structures.

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  • Launching of steel bridge girder. Application of nonlinear shell models

    The paper describes the final technology of launching the steel bridge superstructure. The original technology failed in the first construction stage. Local damage of steel webs caused by plastic buckling stopped the procedure. In the effect of damage a new consulting team was employed to solve the problem and redesign a technology of constructing. The key element of the new solution was developed with great help of non-linear...

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  • Shell model of multiple-row moment I-section end-plate joint

    The paper deals with a problem of application of shell elements in the models of multiple-row moment end-plate connections. The extended connection of I-section with a cross-section W760x265x220 made of steel S355 was analyzed. Comparison analysis of FEM, complex volume and shell models has been done. Three cases with different end-plate thickness: 14, 18 and 36 mm were analyzed and compared with the reference results. Comparison...

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