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GUT LightLab [Laboratorium badawcze światła]

The goal of the GUT LightLab, as an interdisciplinary research facility at Faculty of Architecture, Gdańsk Univeristy of Technology, is to conduct high-level basic research and applied research from the borderline of many fields, in terms of the impact of natural and artificial light on: Environmental Protection, Medicine (Health and Well-being), Architecture, Heritage, Landscape Design, Urban Planning, Interior Design, Wayfinding, Sustainable Development, Universal Design, Lighting Design and many others.

Research published by GUT LightLab between 2018-2022:

LED Light Sources and Their Complex Set-Up for Visually and Biologically Effective Illumination for Ornamental Indoor Plants

Make lighting healthier
Light4Health eLearning Course: health research for interior lighting design. Re-thinking design approaches based on science
Protect our right to Light

Design and Implementation of an Illumination System to Mimic Skyglow at Ecosystem Level in a Large-Scale Lake Enclosure Facility

Healthier and Environmentally Responsible Sustainable Cities and Communities. A New Design Framework and Planning Approach for Urban Illumination

Rethinking Sustainable Cities at Night: Paradigm Shifts in Urban Design and City Lighting
Urban Lighting Research Transdiciplinary Framework—A Collaborative Process with Lighting Professionals
Global Approaches to Reduce Light Pollution from Media Architecture and Non-Static, Self-Luminous LED Displays for Mixed-Use Urban Developments

Research topics / Laboratory research field

  • (valid from 08-05-2018) TBC
  • (valid from 08-05-2018) Celem Laboratorium Światła (z ang. GUT LightLab), jako placówki międzydyscyplinarnej, jest prowadzenie na wysokim poziomie badań podstawowych oraz badań stosowanych z pogranicza wielu dziedzin, w aspekcie odziaływania Światła, takich jak: Ochrona Środowiska, Medycyna, Zrównoważony Rozwój, Architektura Budowli, Architektura Dziedzictwa, Architektura Krajobrazu, Urbanistyka, Architektura Wnętrz, System znajdowania drogi (z ang. Wayfinding), Architektura Medialna (z ang. Media Architecture), Projektowanie Uniwersalne (z ang. Universal Design) czy Projektowanie opraw oświetleniowych i wiele innych.
  • (valid from 08-05-2018) TBC

Research Kind

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dr inż. arch. Karolina Zielińska-Dąbkowska
dr inż. arch. Karolina Zielińska-Dąbkowska, dr hab. inż. arch. Justyna Martyniuk-Pęczek
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