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prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Lucyna Nyka

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  • Scenario-planning solutions for waterfront flood-prone areas

    The aim of this article is to discuss the potential of applying scenario planning to achieve resilient and future-oriented solutions for flood-prone areas. The authors have proposed additions to scenario-planning processes based on the introduction of research-by-design architectural inquiries. Examined in this article is the insight into the testing of such a modified scenario-planning methodology during two courses that accompanied...

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  • A framework for Air Quality Management Zones - Useful GIS-based tool for urban planning: Case studies in Antwerp and Gdańsk


    There is a growing recognition of the importance of proper urban design in the improvement of air flow and pollution dispersion and in reducing human exposure to air pollution. However, a limited number of studies have been published so far focusing on the development of standard procedures which could be applied by urban planners to effectively evaluate urban conditions with respect to air quality. To fill this gap, a new approach...

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  • Media architecture: participation through the senses

    Pervasive media and interactive technologies have become inseparable not only from our everyday life but also from architecture and city spaces. However, the generic use of new technologies in the design process and material production that affects contemporary architecture, results in buildings that become mere visual objects losing their hapticity and non-visual qualities. Despite the substantial advancement in the research studies...

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Obtained scientific degrees/titles

  • 2007-06-06

    Obtained science degree

    dr hab. inż. arch. Architecture and urban sciences (Technology)
    Wydział Architektury Politechnika Wrocławska
  • 1995-07-14

    Obtained science degree

    dr inż. arch. Architecture and urban sciences (Technology)

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