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  • An approach to constructing genuinely entangled subspaces of maximal dimension

    Genuinely entangled subspaces (GESs) are the class of completely entangled subspaces that contain only genuinely multiparty entangled states. They constitute a particularly useful notion in the theory of entanglement but also have found an application, for instance, in quantum error correction and cryptography. In a recent study (Demianowicz and Augusiak in Phys Rev A 98:012313, 2018), we have shown how GESs can be efficiently...

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  • Entanglement of genuinely entangled subspaces and states: Exact, approximate, and numerical results

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2019

    Genuinely entangled subspaces (GESs) are those subspaces of multipartite Hilbert spaces that consist only of genuinely multiparty entangled pure states. They are natural generalizations of the well-known notion of completely entangled subspaces, which by definition are void of fully product vectors. Entangled subspaces are an important tool of quantum information theory as they directly lead to constructions of entangled states,...

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  • From unextendible product bases to genuinely entangled subspaces

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2018

    Unextendible product bases (UPBs) are interesting mathematical objects arising in composite Hilbert spaces that have found various applications in quantum information theory, for instance in a construction of bound entangled states or Bell inequalities without quantum violation. They are closely related to another important notion, completely entangled subspaces (CESs), which are those that do not contain any fully separable pure...

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