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Full Professor

Gmach Elektroniki Telekomunikacji i Informatyki pokój 548
(58) 347 25 19

Head of Department

Gmach Elektroniki Telekomunikacji i Informatyki pokój 544
(58) 347 25 32

Publication showcase

  • On adaptive covariance and spectrum estimation of locally stationary multivariate processes

    - AUTOMATICA - 2017

    When estimating the correlation/spectral structure of a locally stationary process, one has to make two important decisions. First, one should choose the so-called estimation bandwidth, inversely proportional to the effective width of the local analysis window, in the way that complies with the degree of signal nonstationarity. Too small bandwidth may result in an excessive estimation bias, while too large bandwidth may cause excessive...

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  • Systemidentificationbasedapproachtodynamicweighing revisited

    Dynamicweighing,i.e.,weighingofobjectsinmotion,withoutstoppingthemonthe weighing platform,allowsonetoincreasetherateofoperationofautomaticweighing systems, usedinindustrialproductionprocesses,withoutcompromisingtheiraccuracy. Sincetheclassicalidentification-basedapproachtodynamicweighing,basedonthe second-ordermass–spring–dampermodeloftheweighingsystem,doesnotyieldsa- tisfactoryresultswhenappliedtoconveyorbelttypecheckweighers,severalextensionsof thistechniqueareexamined.Experimentsconfirmthatwhenappropriatelymodifiedthe identification-basedapproachbecomesareliabletoolfordynamicmassmeasurementin checkweighers.

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  • Localization of impulsive disturbances in audio signals using template matching

    In this paper, a new solution to the problem of elimination of impulsive disturbances from audio signals, based on the matched filtering technique, is proposed. The new approach stems from the observation that a large proportion of noise pulses corrupting audio recordings have highly repetitive shapes that match several typical “patterns”. In many cases a representative set of exemplary pulse waveforms can be extracted from the...

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