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  • Diver Observations by Means of Acoustic Methods

    Searching for objects, especially small ones, moving under water near its the free surface, is always not an easy task. Designing tools for the detection of such targets is a real challenge when the possibility of a terrorist attack is a real threat. This paper presents some aspects of diver detection by means of acoustics methods, both active (side scan sonar) and passive ones (linear receiving antenna). This approach is quite...

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  • Interaction of Acoustic and Thermal Modes in the Vibrationally Relaxing Gases. Acoustic Cooling

    The dynamic equation which governs an excess temperature associated with the thermal mode in vibrationally relaxing gas is derived. The nonlinear transfer of acoustic energy to the energy of the thermal mode in a relaxing gas causes slow variation of temperature with time. The nal dynamic equation is instantaneous. All types of sound, including aperiodic, may be considered as an acoustic source of corresponding heating or cooling....

  • Investigation of Transmit and Receive Characteristics of Laboratory Model for the Parametric Echosounder


    Investigation and operation of devices based on nonlinear interaction of high-intensity waves have been carried out for several decades. However, it is still a new tool to study the properties of the water environment and especially the upper layers of the seabed. This paper describes the results of tests of the new device that is intended to be applied for sounding underwater areas. The device has been designed and built in collaboration with...

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  • Optimization of a Fabry-Perot Sensing Interferometer design for an optical fiber sensor of hematocrit level

    Continuous measurement of the hemato crit level in blo o d can p otentially b e p erformed using optical bre sensors. The FabryPerot interferometric sensors are a promising candidate in this application. The most imp ortant step in the design of the sensor is design of the sensing interferometer. Adequate cavity length and high interference contrast are two most imp ortant requirements in this application. The design metho d of...

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  • Spectral Analysis of Capital Markets

    In this paper the problem of cycles existence in capital markets is addressed. A spectral analysis algorithm, which reduces signal-to-noise ratio, is proposed to derive cycle periodograms for the yield function of DJIA, WIG~20, and NIKKEI 225 indices. Peaks of the the periodograms provide premises to postulate the existence of some possible cycles. The 3.5 year periodicity in all 3 indices, which can be related to Kitchin cycle...

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  • The Efficiency of Polish Stock Market: Ordinal Patterns Approach

    Zunino et al. analyzed the problem of discrimination of developed and emergent markets by the use of ordinal patterns methods: number of forbidden patterns and ordinal pattern probability distribution as a basis for entropy and statistical measure of complexity. In this paper we apply the same methodology for the analysis of Polish stock market (index WIG). The results indicate that Polish market belongs neither to developed, nor...

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