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  • Creating Dynamic Maps of Noise Threat Using PL-Grid Infrastructure

    The paper presents functionality and operation results of a system for creating dynamic maps of acoustic noise employing the PL-Grid infrastructure extended with a distributed sensor network. The work presented provides a demonstration of the services being prepared within the PLGrid Plus project for measuring, modeling and rendering data related to noise level distribution in city agglomerations. Specific computational environments,...

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  • Detection of Objects Buried in the Sea Bottom with the Use of Parametric Echosounder

    The paper contains results of a in situ research main task of which was to detect objects buried, partially or completely, in the sea bottom. Object detecting technologies employing acoustic wave sources based on nonlinear interaction of elastic waves require application of parametric sound sources. Detection of objects buried in the sea bottom with the use of classic hydroacoustic devices such as the sidescan sonar or multibeam...

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  • Features of Nonlinear Sound Propagation in Vibrationally Excited Gases

    - Archives of Acoustics - 2013

    Weakly nonlinear sound propagation in a gas where molecular vibrational relaxation takes place is studied. New equations which govern the sound in media where the irreversible relaxation may take place are derived and discussed. Their form depends on the regime of excitation of oscillatory degrees of freedom, equilibrium (reversible) or non-equilibrium (irreversible), and on the comparative frequency of the sound in relation to...

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    Study of the sea noise has been a subject of interest for years. The first work of this scope were published at the turn of the twentieth century by Knudsen (KNUDSEN et al., 1948) and G. Wenz (WENZ, 1962). Disturbances called "shipping noise" are one of the important components of the sea noise. In this work the results of an experimental research of underwater noise produced by a small ship of a classic propulsion are...

  • Acoustic heating produced in the boundary layer

    : Instantaneous acoustic heating of a viscous fluid flow in a boundary layer is the subject of investigation. The governing equation of acoustic heating is derived by means of a special linear combination of conservation equations in the differential form, which reduces all acoustic terms in the linear part of the final equation but preserves terms belonging to the thermal mode. The procedure of decomposition is valid in a weakly...

  • Editor's Farewell

    By this occasion, I would like to mention the major milestones Archives of Acoustics experienced during the last years. For some years, we concentrated our efforts on introducing Archives of Acoustics to the ISI Web of Knowledge and the Journal Citation Report databases.We achieved this aim, and since 2007 Archive of Acoustics has been referenced in the Journal Citation Report. Accordingly, our next object was to obtain the Impact...

  • Nonlinear Influence of Sound on the Vibrational Energy of Molecules in a Relaxing Gas

    Dynamics of a weakly nonlinear and weakly dispersive flow of a gas where molecular vibrational relaxation takes place is studied. Variations in the vibrational energy in the field of intense sound is considered. These variations are caused by a nonlinear transfer of the acoustic energy into energy of vibrational degrees of freedom in a relaxing gas. The final dynamic equation which describes this is instantaneous, it includes a...

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