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  • Origin and fate of nanoparticles in marine water – Preliminary results

    - CHEMOSPHERE - 2018

    The number, morphology and elemental composition of nanoparticles (<100 nm) in marine water was investigated using Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopy (VP-SEM) and Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS). Preliminary research conducted in the Baltic Sea showed that the number of nanoparticles in seawater varied from undetectable to 380 (x102) cm-3. Wind mixing and density barriers (thermocline) had a significant impact...

    Full text in external service

  • Svalbard reindeer as an indicator of ecosystem changes in the Arctic terrestrial ecosystem

    - CHEMOSPHERE - 2018

    Over the years, noticeable effort has been directed towards contaminant determination in multiple biotic samples collected from the inhabitants of the Arctic. Little consideration has been given to polar herbivores, however, especially those from the European parts of the Arctic. To provide a broader perspective, we aimed to decipher trace element concentration in hairs of the key species in the Arctic, namely the Svalbard reindeer...

    Full text available

  • Environmental risk assessment of Polish wastewater treatment plant activity

    - CHEMOSPHERE - 2016

    Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) play an extremely important role in shaping modern society's environmental wellbeing and awareness, however only well operated and supervised systems can be considered as environmentally sustainable. For this reason, an attempt was undertaken to assess the environmental burden posed by WWTPs in major Polish cities by collecting water samples prior to and just after wastewater release points....

    Full text available

  • Organic pollutants in the Odra river ecosystem.

    W pracy opisano wyniki badań próbek wody oraz osadów dennych pobieranych w okresie 1997-2000, w trakcie 8 kampanii przeprowadzonych w ramach Międzynarodowego Programu Badań Dorzecza Rzeki Odry (IOP). W pobranych próbkach oznaczono: wybrane pestycydy chloro- , azoto- i fosforoorganiczne; alifatyczne iaromatyczne węglowodory; lotne związki chloroorganiczne; wybrane związki chloroorganiczne; wybrane związki siarkoorganiczne;...


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