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Czasopismo Techniczne

Technical Transactions






Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki

(Field of Science):

  • Architecture and urban planning (Engineering and Technology)
  • Automation, electronic and electrical engineering (Engineering and Technology)
  • Information and communication technology (Engineering and Technology)
  • Chemical engineering (Engineering and Technology)
  • Civil engineering and transport (Engineering and Technology)
  • Materials engineering (Engineering and Technology)
  • Mechanical engineering (Engineering and Technology)
  • Environmental engineering, mining and energy (Engineering and Technology)
  • Computer and information sciences (Natural sciences)
  • Mathematics (Natural sciences)
  • Physical sciences (Natural sciences)

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Year 2020
Year 2019
  • Abandoned heritage – the first European airports

    Due to the development of air transport and urban expansion, the locations of pre-war airports were often changed. The question of the fate of the abandoned airports and their entire infrastructure arose. This article looks at the issue of derelict, pre-war airfields. Examples of airports which were successfully adapted as well as the ones which were abandoned and closed yet but equally important in historical context are shown....

    Full text available to download

  • The difficult heritage. The reuse of former prison buildings

    In recent years, there has been a trend to reuse abandoned buildings. Adaptive re-use allows preservation of the original structure and implements a new function to it. Such activity could help to preserve the historic value of buildings; moreover, many other advantages can be found in educational, ecological and economic fields. However, the question arises of whether every object can be freely adapted. This article examines the...

    Full text available to download

Year 2018
Year 2016
Year 2015
  • A new prototype of piezoelectric bending resonant transducer for analysis of soft tissues properties

    This paper is devoted to a new piezoelectric bending resonant transducer prototype dedicated to the characterization of the mechanical properties of soft tissue. A general description of the actuator’s structure is presented including the basic principles of the measurement. The chosen geometry of the prototype is discussed and compared with the existing version. Constitutive equations are presented for the active and passive layer...

    Full text to download in external service

  • Games and play with light in architecture

    The paper deals with the issue of the influence of daylight on the creation of architecture in the view of designers` play with light in the architectural space. Using the examples of contemporary realizations of some art museums, the work demonstrates the impact of exploration and experimentation conducted by the creators of visual arts on the design styles and architectural solutions. It also reveals the historical continuity...

  • Programming Geometry as a Creative Play with Architectural Form

    In the twenty-first century "programming" is the key word that opens unprecedented opportunities for design and materialization of geometrically complex architectural objects. From the digital designer perspective programming geometry can be seen as a creative play with a form and a process of generation/exploration as well as the possibility of applying the computing power as a co-designer in the process of finding solutions for...

Year 2014
Year 2013
  • Parametryczny model jako zapis przestrzeni architektonicznej

    Współcześnie coraz więcej pola w domenie architektury zagarniają technologie informatyczne, które umożliwiły między innymi wypracowanie nowych metod zapisu przestrzeni architektonicznej. Mowa tu o technikach wykorzystujących modelowanie parametryczne i programowanie do poszukiwania rozwiązań formalnych wyrażających i uwzględniających czynniki i procesy kontekstowe. Celem opracowania jest wskazanie korzyści , ograniczeń i perspektyw...

Year 2012
Year 2011
Year 2010

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