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Year 2022
  • Low-Voltage Low-Power Filters with Independent ω0 and Q Tuning for Electronic Cochlea Applications

    An acoustic second-order low-pass filter is proposed for filter banks emulating the operation of a human cochlea. By using a special filter structure and an innovative quality (Q)-factor tuning technique, an independent change of the cutoff frequency (ω0) and the Q-factor with unchanged gain at low frequencies is achieved in this filter. The techniques applied result in a simple filter design with low Q-factor sensitivity to component...

    Full text available to download

  • Multiple Cues-Based Robust Visual Object Tracking Method
    • B. Khan
    • A. Jalil
    • A. Ali
    • K. Alkhaledi
    • K. Mehmood
    • K. M. Cheema
    • M. Murad
    • H. Tariq
    • A. M. El-Sherbeeny

    - Electronics - Year 2022

    Visual object tracking is still considered a challenging task in computer vision research society. The object of interest undergoes significant appearance changes because of illumination variation, deformation, motion blur, background clutter, and occlusion. Kernelized correlation filter- (KCF) based tracking schemes have shown good performance in recent years. The accuracy and robustness of these trackers can be further enhanced...

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  • Polynomial Algorithm for Minimal (1,2)-Dominating Set in Networks

    - Electronics - Year 2022

    Dominating sets find application in a variety of networks. A subset of nodes D is a (1,2)-dominating set in a graph G=(V,E) if every node not in D is adjacent to a node in D and is also at most a distance of 2 to another node from D. In networks, (1,2)-dominating sets have a higher fault tolerance and provide a higher reliability of services in case of failure. However, finding such the smallest set is NP-hard. In this paper, we...

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