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Year 2021
Year 2019
  • Dual-band antenna with improved gain for WLAN and ISM applications

    In this Letter, a dual-band antenna with an improved gain is proposed. The structure features 9.7 and 10.4 dBi gain within 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz to 6 GHz bands, respectively. This makes it suitable for WLAN and ISM applications. The structure comprises an asymmetrical pair of radiators and slots suspended over a reflector. The antenna is optimised in a two-stage process using a trust-region-based gradient search algorithm....

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  • Non-isolated resonant quasi-Z-source network DC–DC converter

    A novel non-isolated resonant quasi-impedance (quasi-Z)-source network DC–DC converter is proposed. The resonant impedance source network is derived from the quasi-Z-source network by including the autotransformer-based resonant cell instead of the second inductor of the quasi-Z-network. The leakage inductance of the autotransformer and two resonant capacitors connected in series with the autotransformer windings constitute a high-frequency...

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Year 2013
  • Discrete Green's function approach to disjoint domain simulations in 3D FDTD method

    A discrete Green’s function (DGF) approach to couple 3D FDTD subdomains is developed. The total-field/scattered-field subdomains are simulated using the explicit FDTD method whilst interaction between them is computed as a convolution of the DGF with equivalent current sources measured over Huygens surfaces. In the developed method, the DGF waveforms are truncated using the Hann’s window. The error varies in the range -65 to -40...

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Year 2012
  • InGaN trapered laser diodes


    W pracy zaprezentowano rezultaty badan nad diodami laserowymi InGaN ze zwężającym się kanałem. Kąty kanałów zmieniane były w zakresie 2 -5 stopni, jak również zmieniana była długość kanału. Wykazano, że w przypadku optymalnych parametrów, parametr M2 (M kwadrat) opisujący odtępstwa wiązki od krzywej Gaussa, wynosił 2.1 przy mocy optycznej 200 mW.

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Year 2002

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