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Year 2023
  • Impact of rotor geometry optimization on the off-design ORC turbine performance
    • Ł. Witanowski
    • P. Klonowicz
    • P. Lampart
    • P. Klimaszewski
    • T. Suchocki
    • Ł. Jędrzejewski
    • D. Zaniewski
    • P. Ziółkowski

    - ENERGY - Year 2023

    The paper describes the method of CFD based Nelder-Mead optimization of a 10 kW single-stage axial turbine operating in an ORC system working on R7100. The total-to-static isentropic efficiency is defined as an objective function. Multi-point linear regression is carried out to determine the significance of the objective function arguments and to pick up the set of particular variables and characteristic quantities (e.g. flow angles)...

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  • Multi-objective optimization of the ORC axial turbine for a waste heat recovery system working in two modes: cogeneration and condensation

    - ENERGY - Year 2023

    Due to the demand of the district heating network and electric power grid ORC turbines can operate in the condensation and cogeneration modes. This approach requires the design of an expander which is characterized by high efficiency in each mode of operation. The paper is devoted to a multi-objective efficiency optimization of a one stage axial ORC turbine working on MM (Hexamethyldisiloxane). An Implicit Filtering algorithm (IF)...

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  • Techno-economic evaluation of combined cycle gas turbine and a diabatic compressed air energy storage integration concept

    - ENERGY - Year 2023

    More and more operational flexibility is required from conventional power plants due to the increasing share of weather-dependent renewable energy sources (RES) generation in the power system. One way to increase power plant’s flexibility is integrating it with energy storage. The energy storage facility can be used to minimize ramping or shutdowns and therefore should lower overall generating costs and CO2 emissions. In this article,...

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Year 2022
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Year 2015
  • An approach for estimation of water wall degradation within pulverized-coal boilers
    • J. Badur
    • P. Ziółkowski
    • D. Sławiński
    • S. Kornet

    - ENERGY - Year 2015

    The main aim of this paper is to estimate the lifetime of water walls of pulverized-coal boilers at nominal conditions as well as after degradation of water tubes. An approach for a pulverized-coal chamber degradation process has been formulated based on operational and experimental data. This model was formulated using on-line state monitoring of a pulverized coal burner with aim of preventing the fireplace screens from high degradation...

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