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Polskie Towarzystwo Mechaniki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej

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  • automation, electronics, electrical engineering and space technologies (Engineering and Technology)
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  • mathematics (Natural sciences)

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  • Damage detection in beams using wavelet transform on higher vibration modes

    Niniejsza praca poświęcona jest technice diagnostyki konstrukcji bazującej na transformacie falkowej. Badany obiekt to belka wspornikowa z uszkodzeniami w formie nacięcia o głębokości 20%, 10% oraz 5% wysokości belki. Pomiary postaci drgań wykonano za pomocą nowoczesnego wibrometru laserowego. Celem pracy jest przedstawienie eksperymentalnych i numerycznych analiz wpływu wyższych postaci drgań na efektywność wykrywania uszkodzeń...

    Full text available to download

  • Investigations of Aerodynamics of Tesla Bladeless Microturbines
    • Ł. Jędrzejewski
    • P. Lampart

    - Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - Year 2011

    The paper presents an analysis of a Tesla bladeless turbine for a co-generating micro-power plant of heat capacity 20 kW, whichoperates in an organic Rankine cycle with a low-boiling medium. Numerical calculations of flow in several Tesla turbine models areperformed for a range of design parameters. Results of investigations exhibit interesting features in the distribution of flowparameters within the turbine interdisk space. The...

    Full text available to download

  • Modelling and analysis of beam/bar structure by application of bond graphs

    The paper presents an uniform, port-based approach to modelling of beam/bar systems (trusses). Port-based model of such distributed parameter system has been defined by application of the bond graph methodology and the distributed transfer function method (DTFM). The proposed method of modelling enables to formulate input data for computer analysis by application of the DTFM. The constructed computational package enables the frequency...

    Full text available to download

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