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Year 2022
Year 2021
  • An Efficient Noisy Binary Search in Graphs via Median Approximation


    Consider a generalization of the classical binary search problem in linearly sorted data to the graph-theoretic setting. The goal is to design an adaptive query algorithm, called a strategy, that identifies an initially unknown target vertex in a graph by asking queries. Each query is conducted as follows: the strategy selects a vertex q and receives a reply v: if q is the target, then =, and if q is not the target, then v is a...

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  • Dynamic Signature Vertical Partitioning Using Selected Population-Based Algorithms


    The dynamic signature is a biometric attribute used for identity verification. It contains information on dynamics of the signing process. There are many approaches to the dynamic signature verification, including the one based on signature partitioning. Partitions are the regions created on the basis of signals describing the dynamics of the signature. They contain information on the shape of the signature characteristic of a...

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Year 2018
  • KEYSTONE WG2: Activities and Results Overview on Keyword Search

    In this chapter we summarize activities and results achieved by the Keyword Search Working Group (WG2) of the KEYSTONE Cost Action IC1302. We present the goals of the WG2, its main activities in course of the action and provide a summary of the selected publications related to the WG2 goals and co-authored by WG2 members. We concludewith a summary of open research directions in the area of keyword search for structured data.

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  • Tensor Decomposition for Imagined Speech Discrimination in EEG


    Most of the researches in Electroencephalogram(EEG)-based Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) are focused on the use of motor imagery. As an attempt to improve the control of these interfaces, the use of language instead of movement has been recently explored, in the form of imagined speech. This work aims for the discrimination of imagined words in electroencephalogram signals. For this purpose, the analysis of multiple variables...

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Year 2016
  • Multimodal Attention Stimulator

    Multimodal attention stimulator was proposed and tested for improving auditory and visual attention, including pupils with developmental dyslexia. Results of the conducted experiments shown that the designed stimulator can be used in order to improve comprehension during reading tasks. The changes in the visual attention, observed in reading test results, translate into the overall reading performance.

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Year 2015
Year 2014
Year 2013
  • An Algorithm for Listing All Minimal 2-Dominating Sets of a Tree

    We provide an algorithm for listing all minimal 2-dominating sets of a tree of order n in time O(1.3248n) . This implies that every tree has at most 1.3248 n minimal 2-dominating sets. We also show that this bound is tigh.

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  • Fast Collaborative Graph Exploration


    We study the following scenario of online graph exploration. A team of k agents is initially located at a distinguished vertex r of an undirected graph. At every time step, each agent can traverse an edge of the graph. All vertices have unique identifiers, and upon entering a vertex, an agent obtains the list of identifiers of all its neighbors. We ask how many time steps are required to complete exploration, i.e., to make sure...

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  • Zero-Visibility Cops and Robber Game on a Graph


    We examine the zero-visibility cops and robber graph searching model, which differs from the classical cops & robber game in one way: the robber is invisible. We show that this model is not monotonic. We also provide bounds on both the zero-visibility copnumber and monotonic zero-visibility copnumber in terms of the pathwidth.

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Year 2012
Year 2011
Year 2010
  • A novel genetic approach to provide differentiated levels of service resilience in IP-MPLS/WDM networks

    This paper introduces a novel class-based method of survivable routing for connection-oriented IP-MPLS/WDM networks, called MLS-GEN-H. The algorithm is designed to provide differentiated levels of service survivability in order to respond to varying requirements of end-users. It divides the complex problem of survivable routing in IP-MPLS/WDM networks into two subproblems, one for each network layer, which enables finding the...

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  • Agent System for Managing Distributed Mobile Interactive Documents

    The MIND architecture of distributed mobile interactive document is a new processing model defined for facilitate informed decision-making in non-algorithmic decision-making processes carried out by knowledge-based organizations. The aim of this architecture is to change the static document to mobile agents, which are designed to implement the structure of the organization through autonomous migration between knowledge workers...

  • Binocular Vision Impairments Therapy Supported By Contactless Eye-gaze Tracking System

    Binocular vision impairments often result in partial or total loss of stereoscopic vision. The lack of binocular vision is a serious vision impairment that deserves more attention. Very important result of the binocular vision impairments is a binocular depth perception. This paper describes also a concept of a measurement and therapy system for the binocular vision impairments by using eye-gaze tracking system.

  • Computer animation system based on rough sets and fuzzy logic

    A fuzzy logic inference system was created, based on the analysis of animated motion features. The objective of the system is to facilitate the creation of high quality animation by analyzing personalized styles contained in numerous animations. Sequences portraying a virtual character acting with a differentiating personalized style (natural or exaggerated) and various levels of fluidity were prepared and subjectively evaluated....

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  • Conceptual fuzzy model of the polish internet mortgage market

    The aim of this paper is to present the conceptual structure of basic fuzzy model representing Polish Internet mortgage market. The paper starts with introduction describing the market complexities and challenges, and description of previously created rule based model. Then the steps of the process of proposed model fuzzyfication are presented. Final part of the paper consists of conclusions and directions for future research.

  • Connected searching of weighted trees

    W artykule rozważamy problem spójnego przeszukiwania drzew obciążonych. Autorzy w [L. Barriere i inni, Capture of an intruder by mobile agents, SPAA'02 (2002) 200-209] twierdzą, że istnieje wielomianowy algorytm dla problemu obliczania optymalnej strategii przeszukiwania obciążonego drzewa. W niniejszej pracy pokazano, że problem ten jest obliczeniowo trudny nawet dla wierzchołkowo-obciążonych drzew (wagi krawędzi równe 1) oraz...

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  • Constructing a map of an anonymous graph: applications of universal sequences


    We study the problem of mapping an unknown environmentrepresented as an unlabelled undirected graph. A robot (or automaton)starting at a single vertex of the graph G has to traverse the graph and return to its starting point building a map of the graph in the process. We are interested in the cost of achieving this task (whenever possible) in terms of the number of edge traversal made by the robot. Another optimization criteria...

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  • Context sensitive privacy management in a distributed environment

    Artykuł przedstawia mechanizm zarządzania prywatnością stworzony dla systemu rozproszonego z założeniem, że węzły systemu mają ograniczone zasoby (moc procesora, pamięć). Podstawowy pomysł zakłada, że prywatne dane są filtrowane zgodnie z polityką prywatności użytkowników przed ich ujawnieniem innym użytkownikom. Te decyzje są silnie umiejscowione, co ogranicza narzut związany z zarządzaniem prywatnością na węzłach systemu. Sam...

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  • Determining QoS in the Video Telephony Service in an IP Environment


    IP networks are indispensable nowadays. They are among the most efficient platforms. The constantly growing number of users and new services in these networks - the largest being the Internet - requires a good quality of any application used.Determining the QoS in real-time services is particularly important. This work is dedicated to exactly this aspect of the real-time service Video Telephony over IP (VToIP). First, the ITU-T...

  • Deterministic rendezvous of asynchronous bounded-memory agents in polygonal terrains


    Two mobile agents, modeled as points starting at differentlocations of an unknown terrain, have to meet. The terrain is a polygon with polygonal holes. We consider two versions of this rendezvous problem: exact RV, when the points representing the agents have to coincide at some time, and epsilon-RV, when these points have to get at distance less than epsilon in the terrain. In any terrain, each agent chooses its trajectory, but...

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  • Distributed MIND - A New Processing Model Based on Mobile Interactive Documents

    Obliczenia w trybie zespołowym pozwalają na integrację działań ludzi i agentów systemowych w otwartym środowisku rozproszonym w celu rozwiązywania problemów formułowanych dynamicznie w trakcie pracy systemu. Problemy te najczęściej nie mają charakteru algorytmicznego, tzn. generowane rozwiązania nie mogłyby zostać wyliczone w skończonej liczbie kroków na podstawie danych charakteryzujących uczestników obliczeń. Autorzy proponują...

  • Drawing maps with advice

    W pracy podejmujemy temat konstrukcji algorytmu dla agenta, który zostaje umieszczony w dowolnym wierzchołku grafu (wierzchołki są nierozróżnialne, krawędzie mają etykiety portów), po czym realizuje algorytm zmierzający do znalezienia drzewa spinającego grafu lub izomorficznej kopii grafu. Dla obu problemów podajemy asymptotycznie dokładne lub prawie dokładne oszacowania na ilość bitów dodatkowej informacji, którą agent musi otrzymać...

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  • Fast Distance Vector Field Extraction for Facial Feature Detection

    Praca dotyczy metody lokalizowania cech twarzy z wykorzystaniem wektorowych pól odległości (DVF), zaproponowanej przez Asteriadisa. Zawiera skrótowy opis tej koncepcji oraz prezentuje ulepszenia wprowadzone przez autorów do oryginalnego rozwiązania. Główną zaletą wprowadzonych zmian jest znacznie zredukowana złożoność obliczeniowa algorytmu, jak również zwiększona precyzja wektorowego pola odległości wyznaczanego w wyniku jego...

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