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Year 2024
  • Risks caused by microbiologically influenced corrosion in diesel fuel storage tanks

    Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) poses serious problems for the petrochemical and refinery industries. Particularly favourable conditions for MIC arise in storage tanks and transmission pipelines for mixtures of diesel oil with the addition of a biocomponent (in Poland 7%). The best conditions for the development of MIC occur at the fuel-water interface, where microorganisms are provided with a source of food and water,...

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Year 2023
  • Corrosion mechanisms in columns for atmospheric distillation of crude oil

    - Ochrona przed Korozją - Year 2023

    The paper presents the most common corrosion processes occurring in the columns for atmospheric distillation of crude oil. It describes the mechanisms leading to formation of the chemical compounds, which contribute to corrosion phenomena. The main technological factors influencing corrosion processes have been indicated. The paper also presents the interactions between particular corrosion mechanisms resulting in acceleration...

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Year 2022
  • Electrochemical investigations on corosivity of de-icing liquids for railway infrastructure

    - Ochrona przed Korozją - Year 2022

    The paper presents the results of electrochemical tests of the de-icing fluid for railway infrastructure. DC and AC electrochemical tests were performed to determine the corrosion rates of structural steel, cast iron and aluminium in the newly produced fluid. The results were compared with the corrosion rates of the same materials in the fluid without corrosion inhibitors. The obtained test results indicate a low corrosion risk...

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Year 2017
  • Problemy z powłokami antykorozyjnymi na elementach wyposażenia obiektów mostowych

    Opisano problem wadliwości zabezpieczenia antykorozyjnego w zakresie malarskich powłok ochronno-dekoracyjnych wykonywanych na stalowych elementach barier zabezpieczonych uprzednio poprzez ocynkowanie metodą zanurzeniową na gorąco. Wykorzystując przykłady pochodzące z różnych obiektów przedstawiono powtarzający się problem delaminacji powłok malarskich, niezależny od rodzaju zastosowanych wyrobów lakierniczych oraz znacznego rozwoju...

Year 2014
Year 2013
  • Adhesion of organic coatings to hot-dip galvanized steel

    Duplex systems provide long-time corrosion protection, much longer than the sum of the lifetimes of zinc and paint used individually. However loss of adhesion between coating and zinc substrate is often found in practice. Different methods of zinc surface preparations are used in the fi eld. The aim of this study was to examine and compare coating protection when the old zinc surface, stored during long-time period (15 years) in...

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  • Corrosion monitoring by harmonic analysis in aqueous environments

    This paper presents tests concerning the rate of corrosion in non-alloy steel (type S235JR) in an aqueous environment, with an additive of sodium chloride by means of polarization resistance measurements and harmonic analysis. The tests have been carried out for steel samples exposed to the testing environment for six weeks, in order to obtain a constant rate of corrosion in the function of time. The measurements have aimed at...

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  • Measurement methods for assessing insulation condition of underground pipelines

    The paper discusses the most frequently applied measurement methods for assessing the quality of external insulation along pipelines and detecting defect locations in the protective coating. The quality of coating along a given pipeline section under investigation is assessed by determining unitary resistance of the coating, which is calculated on the basis of measurement results obtained along a pipeline subjected to cathodic...

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Year 2012
Year 2011
Year 2010
Year 2007
Year 2006
Year 2003
  • Monitorowanie skuteczności ochrony katodowej techniką rezystancyjną.

    W pracy scharakteryzowano bliżej technikę korozymetrii rezystancyjnej w aspekcie jej wykorzystania do monitorowania skuteczności ochrony katodowej. Podano zasady jej stosowania oraz sposób ilościowego określania skuteczności ochrony na podstawie pomiarów liniowych ubytków korozyjnych metalu chronionego i niechronionego katodowo. Opisano wieloletnie doświadczenia eksploatacyjne SPZP Corrpol w zakresie monitorowania ochrony katodowej...

Year 2002

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