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  • Economics and finance (Social studies)
  • Communication and media studies (Social studies)
  • Political science and public administration (Social studies)
  • Management and quality studies (Social studies)
  • Sociology (Social studies)
  • Psychology (Social studies)

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Year 2021
  • Concept of managing quality in baking industry, in vector representation

    The author introduced an innovative metrisable method of describing a manufacturing process. The idea of vector structure of a manufacturing process allows to formulate quantitative relations between the activity of input streams, elements of product quality, and measurable effects of losses. The structure was basis for the formulation of the concept of the process of managing product quality in the baking industry in a vector...

    Full text available to download

  • Metrisability of managing of stream-systemic processes

    To achieve the planned goal, in order to properly describe the manufacturing system management, six process stream functions were introduced. Non-dimensional flows of these functions in time can be empirically defined during the manufacturing process. They are interpreted as non-dimensional expenses. Maximum values for these functions in properly-managed processes equal one. Also, a global management function was introduced, being...

    Full text available to download

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