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  • Continuum wave functions for estimating the electric dipole moment: Calculation based on a multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock approximation

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2019

    The multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock method is employed to calculate the continuum electron wave functions, which are then used to estimate their contribution to the atomic electric dipole moment (EDM) of 129Xe. The EDM arises from (P,T)-odd electron-nucleon tensor-pseudotensor and pseudoscalar-scalar interactions, the nuclear Schiff moment, the interaction of the electron electric dipole moment with nuclear magnetic moments,...

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  • Experimental determination of H2 mass stopping powers for low-energy electrons

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2019

    We present experimental mass stopping powers of electrons in gaseous H2 obtained with an electron time- of-flight spectrometer, for the incident electron energy range of 11 to 25 eV. In our procedure, the average energy loss is derived from conversion of the measured electron time-of-flight spectra into equivalent electron energy-loss spectra. Our present results are compared with the only available experimental measurement and...

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  • Reexamination of the decoherence of spin registers

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2019

    We revisit the decoherence process of a multiqubit register interacting with a thermal bosonic bath. We generalize the previous studies by considering not only the register’s behavior but also a part of its environment. In particular, we are interested in information flow from the register to the environment, which we describe using recently introduced multipartite quantum state structures called spectrum broadcast structures....

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  • Complementarity between entanglement-assisted and quantum distributed random access code

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2017

    Collaborative communication tasks such as random access codes (RACs) employing quantum resources have manifested great potential in enhancing information processing capabilities beyond the classical limitations. The two quantum variants of RACs, namely, quantum random access code (QRAC) and the entanglement-assisted random access code (EARAC), have demonstrated equal prowess for a number of tasks. However, there do exist specific...

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  • Generic appearance of objective results in quantum measurements

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2017

    Measurement is of central interest in quantum mechanics as it provides the link between the quantum world and the world of everyday experience. One of the features of everyday experience is its robust, objective character, contrasting the delicate nature of quantum systems. Here we analyze in a completely model-independent way the celebrated von Neumann measurement process, using recent techniques of information flow, studied in...

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  • Information content of systems as a physical principle

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2017

    To explain the conceptual gap between classical and quantum and other, hypothetical descriptions of the world, several principles have been proposed. So far, all these principles have not explicitly included the uncertainty relation. Here we introduce an information content principle ( ICP ) which represents a constrained uncertainty principle. The principle, by taking into account the encoding and decoding properties of a single physical...

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  • Objectivity in the non-Markovian spin-boson model

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2017

    Objectivity constitutes one of the main features of the macroscopic classical world. An important aspect of the quantum-to-classical transition issue is to explain how such a property arises from the microscopic quantum theory. Recently, within the framework of open quantum systems, there has been proposed such a mechanism in terms of the so-called spectrum broadcast structures. These are multipartite quantum states of the system...

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  • Positron binding to alkali-metal hydrides: The role of molecular vibrations
    • F. Gianturco
    • J. Franz
    • R. Buenker
    • H. Liebermann
    • L. Pichl
    • J. Rost
    • M. Tachikawa
    • M. Kimura

    - PHYSICAL REVIEW A - 2006

    The bound vibrational levels for J=0 have been computed for the series of alkali-metal hydride molecules from LiH to RbH, including NaH and KH. For all four molecules the corresponding potential-energy curves have been obtained for each isolated species and for its positron-bound complex (e+XH). It is found that the calculated positron affinity values strongly depend on the molecular vibrational state for which they are obtained...

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