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Year 2021
  • A New Adaptive Method for the Extraction of Steel Design Structures from an Integrated Point Cloud

    - SENSORS - Year 2021

    The continuous and intensive development of measurement technologies for reality modelling with appropriate data processing algorithms is currently being observed. The most popular methods include remote sensing techniques based on reflected-light digital cameras, and on active methods in which the device emits a beam. This research paper presents the process of data integration from terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) and image data...

    Full text available to download

  • Calibration-Free Single-Anchor Indoor Localization Using an ESPAR Antenna

    In this paper, we present a novel, low-cost approach to indoor localization that is capable of performing localization processes in real indoor environments and does not require calibration or recalibration procedures. To this end, we propose a single-anchor architecture and design based on an electronically steerable parasitic array radiator (ESPAR) antenna and Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)...

    Full text available to download

  • Low-Cost Unattended Design of Miniaturized 4 × 4 Butler Matrices with Nonstandard Phase Differences

    Design of Butler matrices dedicated to Internet of Things and 5th generation (5G) mobile systems—where small size and high performance are of primary concern—is a challenging task that often exceeds capabilities of conventional techniques. Lack of appropriate, unified design approaches is a serious bottleneck for the development of Butler structures for contemporary applications. In this work, a low-cost bottom-up procedure for...

    Full text available to download

  • Risk Analysis by a Probabilistic Model of the Measurement Process

    - SENSORS - Year 2021

    The aim of the article is presentation of the testing methodology and results of examination the probabilistic model of the measurement process. The case study concerns the determination of the risk of an incorrect decision in the assessment of the compliance of products by measurement. Measurand is characterized by the generalized Rayleigh distribution. The model of the meas-urement process was tested in parallel mode by six risk...

    Full text available to download

  • Study of the Performance of DSSS UAC System Depending on the System Bandwidth and the Spreading Sequence

    A signal transmitted in an Underwater Acoustic Communication (UAC) system operating in a shallow-water channel suffers from strong time dispersion due to multipath propagation. This causes the Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) observed in the received signal, which significantly limits the communication system’s reliability and transmission rate. In such propagation conditions, the Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) method is...

    Full text available to download

  • Tracking Fluorescent Dye Dispersion from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    Commercial unmanned aerial vehicles continue to gain popularity and their use for collecting image data and recording new phenomena is becoming more frequent. This study presents an effective method for measuring the concentration of fluorescent dyes (fluorescein and Rhodamine WT) for the purpose of providing a mathematical dispersion model. Image data obtained using a typical visible-light camera was used to measure the concentration...

    Full text available to download

  • UAV Photogrammetry under Poor Lighting Conditions—Accuracy Considerations

    The use of low-level photogrammetry is very broad, and studies in this field are conducted in many aspects. Most research and applications are based on image data acquired during the day, which seems natural and obvious. However, the authors of this paper draw attention to the potential and possible use of UAV photogrammetry during the darker time of the day. The potential of night-time images has not been yet widely recognized,...

    Full text available to download

  • Voice Multilateration System

    This paper presents an innovative method of locating airplanes, which uses only voice communication between an air traffic controller and the pilot of an aircraft. The proposed method is described in detail along with its practical implementation in the form of a technology demonstrator (proof of concept), included in the voice communication system (VCS). A complete analysis of the performance of the developed method is presented,...

    Full text available to download

Year 2020
Year 2019
  • A Generalized SDP Multi-Objective Optimization Method for EM-Based Microwave Device Design

    - SENSORS - Year 2019

    In this article, a generalized sequential domain patching (GSDP) method for efficient multi-objective optimization based on electromagnetics (EM) simulation is proposed. The GSDP method allowing fast searching for Pareto fronts for two and three objectives is elaborated in detail in this paper. The GSDP method is compared with the NSGA-II method using multi-objective problems in the DTLZ series, and the results show the GSDP method...

    Full text available to download

  • A Highly Selective Biosensor Based on Peptide Directly Derived from the HarmOBP7 Aldehyde Binding Site

    - SENSORS - Year 2019

    This paper presents the results of research on determining the optimal length of a peptide chain to eectively bind octanal molecules. Peptides that map the aldehyde binding site in HarmOBP7 were immobilized on piezoelectric transducers. Based on computational studies, four Odorant Binding Protein-derived Peptides (OBPPs) with dierent sequences were selected. Molecular modelling results of ligand docking with selected peptides were...

    Full text available to download

  • A Multi-Antenna Scheme for Early Detection and Mitigation of Intermediate GNSS Spoofing

    - SENSORS - Year 2019

    This article presents a method for detecting and mitigating intermediate GNSS spoofing. In this type of attack, at its early stage, a spoofer transmits counterfeit signals which have slight time offsets compared to true signals arriving from satellites. The anti-spoofing method proposed in this article fuses antenna array processing techniques with a multipath detection algorithm. The latter is necessary to separate highly correlated...

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