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Year 2016
  • Large deformation finite element analysis of undrained pile installation

    In this paper, a numerical undrained analysis of pile jacking into the subsoil using Abaqus software suit has been presented. Two different approaches, including traditional Finite Element Method (FEM) and Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian (ALE) formulation, were tested. In the first method, the soil was modelled as a two-phase medium and effective stress analysis was performed. In the second one (ALE), a single-phase medium was assumed...

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  • Study of displacements of a bridge abutment using FEM

    Steel sheet piles are often used to support excavations for bridge foundations. When they are left in place in the permanent works, they have the potential to increase foundation bearing capacity and reduce displacements; but their presence is not usually taken into account in foundation design. In this article, the results of finite element analysis of a typical abutment foundation, with and without cover of sheet piles, are presented...

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Year 2015
  • Bearing capacity of the working platform with kinematic method

    Bearing capacity of the working platform for heavy tracks was analysed using Distinct Layout Optimization (DLO) method. The platform layer constructed from cohesionless soils is resting on weak cohesive subgrade. Different thickness of the platform, its effective angle of internal friction and undrained shear strength of the soft soil were taken into consideration. Kinematic method permits different failure mechanisms to be analyzed....

  • Numerical estimation of the pile toe and shaft unit resistances during the installation process in sands

    Numerical simulations of a pile jacking were carried out. A Coupled Eulerian–Lagrangian (CEL) formulation was used to treat with large deformation problems. An Abaqus, a commercial Finite Element Method software suit, was used as a computing environment. The Mohr–Coulomb constitutive model was applied and the Coulomb model of friction was used to describe pile-soil interaction. Calculations were made for three different pile diameters....

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  • Pile Model Tests Using Strain Gauge Technology

    Ordinary pile bearing capacity tests are usually carried out to determine the relationship between load and displacement of pile head. The measurement system required in such tests consists of force transducer and three or four displacement gauges. The whole system is installed at the pile head above the ground level. This approach, however, does not give us complete information about the pile-soil interaction. We can only determine...

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Year 2014
Year 2013

    One of the most popular types of foundations in layered subsoil with very differentiated soil shear strengths are precast piles. One of the reasons is a fact that we can well control the driving process during the installation of these piles. The principles of the assessment of bearing capacity and settlements of the piles given by Eurocode 7, concentrate on two main methods, i.e. Static Pile Load Tests (SPLT) and Dynamic Driving...

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    Bottom ash from EC Gdańsk and dredged material taken from the mouth of The Vistula were mixed to form an engineering material used for dike construction. Mixtures with different bottom ash content were tested in laboratory to determine its basic physical and mechanical properties. The optimum bottom ash–dredged material mixture, built in the corps of the test dike, contains 70% of ash. The optimum bottom ash content in the mixture...

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  • Reduction of Derivative pipeline effort in water turbine

    - Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica - Year 2013

    The paper presents an approach to evaluate and reduce the effort of the derivative pipeline in a water turbine of a hydrostatic power station in its vulnerable spots. Potential places of the biggest effort of the structure, as well as the coefficient of displacement and safety factor related to them were identified using FEM numerical method. Pipeline reinforcement was designed and made based on FEM analysis. Original technology...

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Year 2012
Year 2008
Year 2007
Year 2006
  • Numerical modelling of DMT test in calibration chamber

    Analiza numeryczna badania DMT wykonanego w komorze kalibracyjnej w Katedrze Geotechniki Politechniki Gdańskiej. Badania przeprowadzono w piasku Lubiatowo średnio zagęszczonym i zagęszczonym przy składowej pionowej naprężenia 100 kPa. Modelowano proces wciskania ostrza dylatometru oraz fazę odkształcenia membrany. Analiza parametryczna uwzględnia wpływ wartości kąta tarcia wewnętrznego i dylatancji oraz modułu odkształcenia uzyskanych...

Year 2003
Year 2002
  • Limit Analysis of a Strip Footing on Stochastic Subsoil.

    - Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica - Year 2002

    W pracy analizowana jest ława fundamentowa posadowiona na losowym podłożu.Poszukiwane są oszacowania nośności podłoża na podstawie twierdzeń o dolnej i górnej ocenie obciążenia granicznego. Dla różnych statycznie dopuszczalnych pól naprężenia i kinematycznie dopuszczalnych pól prędkości, wyznaczono wartości oczekiwane i wariancje obciążenia granicznego. Pozwoliło to na określenie odpowiednich dystrybuant, rozumianych...

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