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Ministry points
2020 5 Not listed on the ministry scored journals list
Ministry points
Year Points List
2020 5 Not listed on the ministry scored journals list
2019 5 Not listed on the ministry scored journals list
2018 6 B
2017 6 B
2016 6 B
2015 6 B

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Status table SHERPA RoMEO
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Blue can archive post-prints
Yellow can archive pre-prints
White can not archive any materials
Gray unknown


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  • Analysis of the Application of Horizontal Directional Drilling

    Construction works are often considered to be very intrusive for the environment. Project designers assume deep excavations, or a complete replacement of the ground within the investment, which sometimes changes the initial conditions drastically. The problem started to appear in places, where the terrain is complicated and the excavation is burdensome. Some of state authorities...

    Full text available

  • Denitrifcation rate in the mainstream deammonification

    The conventional processes of biological nitrogen removal based on nitrification and denitrification does not fit properly into the concept of the circular economy. As the alternative one should consider the deammonification process, which is a combination of partial nitrification (nitritation) and Anammox processes. It consists of removing ammonium nitrogen from wastewater under anaerobic conditions by a group of autotrophic microorganisms....

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